Abigail Schrader

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Abigail Schrader
4th Grade Teacher
Augusta Ranch Elementary
"All About the Kids"
Connect, Create, Care



Teaching Philosophy:


I believe that classroom management skills are essential in creating a productive learning environment. When you set expectations and procedures and stay consistent with them, you create a stable environment for learning to take place. I believe it is important to create a community within your classroom. It is important to develop relationships with your students so they feel safe and comfortable in an environment where they can openly contribute their thoughts and knowledge. I believe all students are capable of learning. My goal as an educator is to ensure every student reaches his or her full academic potential. As a teacher, I will try and provide as many different teaching methods as it takes, to ensure my students have every opportunity to learn in a way that is conducive to their learning style. It is important to use a variety of alternate assessments so that I can provide accurate feedback to each student. I will try and promote an active learning environment where students will be encouraged to interpret, analyze, and predict information. As an educator, I will take every opportunity afforded to me to teach beyond the academic standards we are required to teach.


Students who actively engage themselves in the learning process will retain more information and be motivated to learn more than students who are not willing to participate. It is important to encourage students to take personal responsibility for their own learning so that they can develop a sense of pride in their work. Motivation is something that needs to come intrinsically. If children get this from within the will develop a passion for learning. I believe that patience is the most important thing when teaching. However, persistence is often needed when trying to reach out to students who don't have and intrinsic motivation to learn.


I believe the teacher must be an inspirational role model. To be an inspirational teacher, I believe you have to inspire students by creating an organized classroom with excellent classroom management so that we can create a positive environment for learning curriculum and providing motivation. The purpose of education is not only to enable students to become successful in their lives, but also to teach them how to be responsible and positive contributors in our society. I will continue to stay inspired by furthering my education and staying up to date with the newest information and perspectives on teaching. My goal as a teacher is to educate, motivate and inspire students and to value the importance of lifelong learning.


About Me

 I was born and raised in Indiana. I come from a family of educators. My dad works as an Assistant Dean at Indiana University. My mom worked as a Title One aide for 19 years before retiring and my brother worked as a high school history teacher. I volunteered from the ages of 16-19 with family literacy nights at my mom’s school. I also cadet taught two years in high school and substitute taught for three years in college. I graduated from Indiana University in 2009.  I then began teaching as a preschool assistant.  After that, I was an aide in a special education setting for two years and began providing respite care to one of my students with autism.  I loved the job, but really wanted to make use of my degree, which brought me to Arizona.  There were many opportunities here to teach and my brother already lived here with his family. It seemed like the natural next step.  I taught in Tempe a year, but it didn’t quite feel like home to me.  Then I found Augusta Ranch, and I finally felt at home.  I taught 4th grade science and writing three years ago and loved it.  The past two years I taught 3rd grade and really enjoyed it, but this year I will be returning to 4th grade to teach math and science. I'm really looking forward to starting this school year. :)